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Dear guests and participants of the festival!

I warmly congratulate the artists, organizers and guests of this great cultural holiday - the XI International Sakharov Festival of Arts "Russian Art and the World".

This is indeed a significant event for thousands of Nizhny Novgorod citizens and guests who will attend concerts, conferences and exhibitions during the festival; also for the organizers, they managed for the 11th time to get a great number of renowned artists from around the world to take part in the Festival.

For the years of its glorious history the Sakharov Festival has become a tradition in the cultural life of our country, has become a significant event not only in Russia but also abroad. The Festival bears the name of a world-class scientist, whose authority is recognized by all people of goodwill. Multi-genre music and diversity of events of the festival attract a widest audience of all ages.

Today art should be closer to people, it will help them to find peace of mind, cope with difficulties, and simply get great pleasure. Sakharov Festival perfectly solves this problem.

I am sure that the XI International Sakharov Festival of Arts "Russian Art and the World" will give us all a lot of happy moments and leave long-lasting pleasant memories!

Grigory Rapota
Plenipotentiary Envoy of the Russian Federation President to the Volga Federal Region

Dear friends!

It's a great joy for me to welcome the participants and guests of the XI International Sakharov Festival of Arts.

Culture lives with new ideas, new meetings and new people. In this sense Sakharov Festival is a unique phenomenon. During the three weeks of the Festival the organizers provide our citizens and guests with a unique opportunity to get in touch with performers of different generations and ethnic traditions. The Festival unites a broad range of cultural activities: from music and literature to visual art and photography.

The International Cultural Forum is a good starting point in creating a stable mutual interest between creative people from different countries and in establishing long-term friendly relationship. For eighteen years the festival has been proving that the cultural dialogue between the countries goes on.

I am sure that it will be an unforgettable holiday for all of us.

I wish all participants and guests of the Festival success and creative achievements, fruitful cooperation and joyful communication!

Valery P. Shantsev
Governor of Nizhny Novgorod Region

I welcome all the participants of the XI International Sakharov Festival of Arts "Russian Art and the World". It is symbolic that this event takes place in Nizhny Novgorod, a city so closely related to the life of Andrey Sakharov. Particular atmosphere reigns here. Your ancient city is famous for its centuries-old cultural traditions that have enriched Russian and world art.

For many years the festival "Russian Art and the World" have been uniting artists from various cities and countries, serving the noble goals of solidarity and mutual enrichment of cultures, strengthening creative contacts, creating a common cultural space.

This diverse unity makes the modern world stable. True art brings freedom, beauty and humanity. These are the ideas Andrey Sakharov served, they unite performers from Russia, Norway, the Netherlands, Italy and France. It is noteworthy that this time French art is particularly powerful and diverse, since 2010 is the Year of Russia - France.

I want to thank all the participants and organizers of the festival, everyone who supported it for a brilliant opportunity to meet with prominent artists, renowned creative teams, who are the pride of world culture.

I wish you all festive mood and bright joy.

A. Avdeev
Minister of Culture of the Russian Federation

The XI International Sakharov Festival of Arts that is held in Nizhny Novgorod this year will have a particular French sounding. Music of Saint-Saens, Bizet and Debussy performed by the Orchestre National de Lille, as well as world-renowned Russian and French musicians will top the Year of France in Russia and Russia in France. The great Russian composers, of course, also will not be forgotten: I hope that the audience in Nizhny Novgorod will grant our artists the same warm welcome as they always receive in France. The Embassy is proud to take part in the Festival activities and warmly welcomes all the participants.

Is there an art stronger than music that might show the depths of Andrei Sakharov's thoughts and believes? From ancient times the music created and performed by musicians who have no boundaries, enriched by national traditions as well as borrowings from other cultures shows us the importance of free movement of ideas, people and musical chords. In this sense the International Sakharov Festival of Arts that takes place in Nizhny Novgorod, bears the humanistic values of Andrei Sakharov, whose memory is so carefully revered in France.

I wish you all - artists, guests and organizers - beautiful French music nights in Nizhny Novgorod!

Jean de Gliniasti
Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of France in Russia

Dear guests of the Sakharov Festival

This year I made my first visit to Nizhny Novgorod with a successful Dutch trade mission to the shipbuilding industry. I was fascinated by the beauty of the old city and its history as the central knot of trade routes in imperial Russia, through which almost all products in Russia passed and changed hands. Today much of the city has been restored to its former splendour, with trade between Nizhny Novgorod and The Netherlands improving, reaching a turnover of approximately 45 million euro in 2009.

It is an honour that The Netherlands is again associated with the Sakharov Festival of Nizhny Novgorod. The "Dutch Days" are held in the festival for the fourth time, which suggests that Dutch music and musicians are welcomed by the audience in Nizhny, while the Dutch love to come to you. It is also as honour that The Netherlands is invited to give tribute to the name of Academician Andrey Dmitrievich Sakharov. For Sakharov has been an inspiration to those who aspire a world free of the threat of nuclear weapons. His voice was heard in my country, which has a long tradition in furthering international security and disarmament. His plea for nuclear disarmament was based on two fundamental arguments, namely the importance of intellectual freedom and of bridging divisions within mankind. Unfortunately his message is still very relevant today, because in many places of the world there is little intellectual freedom whereas divisions between haves and have-nots are growing by the day. But perhaps Sakharov is best remembered because of his sincerity, his sharp political conscience and his courage to speak out for a just and public cause, at a great price to his personal life. There were quite a few fellow countrymen who followed his example and paid price. We should also remember them with respect.

Expressing my gratitude to the organizers of the festival and the Region administration for the good co-operation, I am very much looking forward to the festival.

Ron Keller
Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of the Kingdom of The Netherlands to the Russian Federation

Dear friends!

Norway and Russia have been good neighbors for more than a thousand years. We share an old and good tradition of cooperation and mutual respect. Culture and mostly music plays a very important role in developing contacts.

I am very pleased that the Day of Norway are opened in such a large and respected concert organization as Nizhny Novgorod State Philharmonic Society. It is a great honor for the Norwegian Embassy to participate in the XI International Sakharov Festival of Arts. Norwegian festival program fully complies with the Festival concept proclaiming the idea of integrity and creative interaction of Russian and world culture. We hope that the Russian-Norwegian jazz band of Misha Alperin will delight the Festival guests with first-class jazz mixed with elements of Norwegian folk dance that might inspire the citizens of Nizhny Novgorod to deepen their acquaintance with Norwegian culture.

I thank the organizers of the festival and wish you all a nice time at the Norwegian jazz concert!

Knut Hauge
Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of the Kingdom of Norway

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,

Dear Colleagues

the European Festivals Association is very honoured to welcome you to the Andrey Sakharov International Art Festivals. The Andrey Sakharov International Art Festivals has been a member of EFA since 1999. EFA is very proud to see the festival among its members as it is an important connection beyond Europe's border.

The motto of the Festival "Russian Art and the World" conveys the idea of integrity of different cultures. The flagship project of EFA in 2010 - the project "Open The Door" - follows the same line: festivals open doors not only to artists and audiences but also to artistic and cultural collaboration beyond borders.

The Andrey Sakharov International Art Festivals unites musical, dancing, choral and theatrical ensembles from many countries. Opening the door for artists to create and for citizens to discover the arts has been the festival's mission since its inception. Festivals are free spaces for artists to create new arts and art forms, to experiment, to try out new things. Festivals are spaces for citizens to meet the arts and the artists, to get inspired, look further, and reflect on wider societal issues.

The Association wishes the Andrey Sakharov International Art Festivals all the best for its 2010 edition and its visitors an unforgettable experience!

Darko Brlek, EFA President
Kathrin Deventer, EFA Secretary General

Dear friends!

"Art is a means of uniting people. Art is a highest manifestation of power in a man! ". Both world history and modern life affirm this saying of Leo Tolstoy. The need for art gathers millions of people in numerous theaters, museums, libraries, concert halls.

The XI International Sakharov Festival of Arts "Russian Art and the World" will bring together thousands of guests and more than 400 artists from five countries. The three-week festival program includes "French Season", Days of Culture of the Netherlands, Norway, Italy. 3 symphonic orchestras and 3 chamber ensembles, 6 conductors and 15 world-famous soloists, 14 concerts, an exhibition of old French books and a French contemporary artist, master classes and a scientific conference. Theater, poetry and ... music! Ranging from old medieval court music to modern music born in the XXI century.

Sensational premieres and a unique opportunity to hear a collection instruments concert of a great French master Jean-Batist Vilom, interesting programs, combining music, dance and visuals!

All that is a long creative process of preparing for the big moment - the meeting with you, our dear listeners. It is the collaboration of an artist, performer and listener united by a common emotional empathy that brings birth to Art - the only global language that needs no translation, in which a soul speaks to soul!

Olga Tomina
Festival Artistic Director

Russian Art and the World

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